This congress, which is included in the Educational Innovation Project “Proyecto I+D+IES de Investigación y Desarrollo en Secundaria en la Región de Murcia” (Consejería de Educación, Cultura y Universidades), and whose main aim is to foster high school students interest in science by conducting a real research project directed by a CSIC researcher, has been sponsored by AbioPep.

The project has been performed through the collaboration between two high schools of the “Region de Murcia” and CEBAS-CSIC. Students from both high schools have conducted 6 projects that were presented in the June, 17th congress at CEBAS-CSIC auditorium, in a format similar to any scientific congress, where the methods, results and conclusions of their projects were presented as oral communications and posters. After student`s expositions and the speech of the coordinator of the “Innovation and Introduction to researching in High School in Andalucía Project” (PIIISA), students were congratulated on the success of the projects and the whole congress by participants, organizers and families and recognised they had done a hard job, though it was worth it.

AbioPep co-funded this congress within its Corporate Social Responsibility Policy aimed to promote the talent, creativity and scientific vocations in young people.

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