AbioPep participates in the Bioeconomy funding opportunities event that took place at the Centre for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI) in Madrid.

The meeting “Funding Opportunities in Bioeconomy” took place the June, 27th in Madrid where Jesús Agüero, AbioPep`s R&D Manager, presented the Company, the on-going R&D projects as well as the funding needs for new projects. The event was organized by CDTI with the collaboration of several Technological Platforms within the bioeconomy field (BIOVEGEN, Suschem, Planeta, Food for Life, Bioplat, Pesca, Agua, Mercados Biotecnológicos). The main aim was to show the last news on CDTI funding opportunities, guide companies to submit projects according to CDTI`s rules for funding and show new proposal from the organizations interested in establish a consortium. Several companies and researchers of the field participated in the conference. AbioPep was invited expressly by Biovegen (Plant Biotechnology Platform).

More information: Biovegen

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