Detection, diagnosis and diversity of virus

Early detection and diagnosis for avoiding economic losses

The early, fast and reliable detection and diagnosis of the disease-causing virus is critical for avoiding economic losses it could incur. Also, it is the first step in the search for a suitable solution against this situation.

ABIOPEP combines a set of detection techniques, which include molecular hybridization with Taq-Man probes, arrays using RT-qPCR, and high-throughput sequencing, to guarantee reliability and speed in detection and diagnosis.

High-efficiency techniques for the detection and diagnosis of diseases induced by viruses in vegetable crops.
Virus genetic diversity studies.

The techniques developed by ABIOPEP allow studying the genetic diversity of virus populations, which is essential to address the problem.

Identification of diseases of unknown etiology.
Diagnosis services
  • Diagnosis of the most important viruses in tomato and cucurbits (ToBRFV, ToLCNDV, PepMV, TYLCV, among others).
  • Identification of diseases of unknown etiology in symptomatic plants.
  • Identification and diagnosis of vegetable crop viruses through high-throughput sequencing.


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