The first case of tomato "Brown rugose fruit" virus has been detected in Spain

The tomato brown rugose fruit virus (ToBRFV) has become a great threat to tomato cultivation due to the economic losses it can incur to the affected crops. Its early detection is a critical factor for its eradication and control. At ABIOPEP, we rely on a broad experience in the field of plant virology and we have available the tools necessary for its detection. Given that this virus overcomes the resistance to Tobamovirus Tm2 2 , it is necessary to be alert to any signs of its presence. The presence of this virus in Spain was confirmed last November when it was detected in a greenhouse in Almeria. As ToBRFV is a quarantine virus, the Administration immediately communicated its positive identification to the European Union, as established.

At ABIOPEP, we can also conduct prospection sampling for the detection of ToBRFV, in compliance with the requisite of annual inspection recommended by the UE.

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