Specific services

Gene editing

  • Tomato genome editing with CRISPR/Cas (>20 successful research models).
  • Design of highly efficient and specific sgRNAs, construction of binary plasmids, creation of loss-of-function lines, determination of allelic composition.
  • Research models of genetically-edited tomato plants.

Identification of sources of resistance to virus induced diseases

  • Susceptibility screening of commercial vegetable crops.
  • Germplasm screening for the identification of sources of genetic resistance to plant viruses.

Development of strategies against vegetable crop pathogens

  • Identification of sources of virus infection throughout the entire crop cycle.
  • Design of strategies to eliminate or reduce the incidence of viruses in crops.
  • New natural antiviral compounds.
  • Strategies for resistance induction through cross-protection with mild viruses.

Biotechnology tools for genetic breeding

  • Generation of double haploids (melon and cucumber).
  • New breeding techniques.
  • Establishment and optimization of in vitro propagation of crops.


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